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Valpeplaner/ Puppyplans 2024

Vi planlegger kull i 2024.

Vi har store forventninger til Luna og Mr. Secret.
Ta gjerne kontakt for å fortelle om deg og fine planer, dersom du ønsker deg en aussie.

We planning for next litter in 2024 with a lovely combination from Luna and Mr. secret ;) 
Are you plan for getting your aussie in 2024 do not hesitate to contact us and tell little about you and your plans for your dog.


Our Puppies

-breeded from healthy breed-typical parents

-lives in the middle of our living room-gets used to other dogs and all sounds in a normal home.

-growing up with children and people of all ages.

-they will have visits outside from 4 weeks age.

-growing up with other dogs and animals.

-learns to pee an poop outside, when they are 5-6 weeks old :-)

-they will drive car several times.

-they will practise walking with leash.

-they will be introduced to different food, raw food, vegetables, fruit and of course food-pearls from brands with high quality. 

- socialization is very important to us, so that we can be sure that the puppy is independent enough to start a new life after 8 weeks here at our home.


We have some exciting plans for 2024.


And also our puppies:

-are sold with pedigree and registered in Norwegian kennel klubb
-are from parents who are fully healthtested.
-healthcheck with vaccine and chip last week before they leave form us.
-eyechecked when they are 7 weeks.

Do you want a puppy?

Feel free to contact me. Please send me an email with some information about you.

The motivation for getting an Aussie and what kind of plans you have with the dog.

To me its important that you have a plan and really can convince me that you are prepared to get a dog.

Looking forward to hear from you.

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