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Our Females


Peak River Red Wow Paws Can Fly-Ivi


In 2016 we got our second Aussie (from the same breeder in Estonia as Kiter, Peak River) and it was love at first sight.

Unfortunately she was promised another home, but there was a change and luckily she was available to us.

Ivi has a completely different attitude to Kiter. Playful yes, but more calm and no high energy at all.

But she is smart, creative and also very beautiful both inside and out.

She benefits our family perfectly. A real cuddly girl.

Ivi is the mother of 3 litters. A job she has done with a lot of love and passion.

Now she is retired and will not be used in breeding any more


Kitepoten A Lovely Minute Akia-Luna


Luna is our keeper from our first litter after Kygo and Ivi.

From the moment they were born, Luna has completely captivated us. Her big personality and beautiful expression are an unbeatable combination, and she will surely bring many good genes to our breeding program.

Luna is energetic and alert, but has a wonderful "off button".

We have been to a few shows and she gets great critic from judges.

Breed-typical with good movements.

Luna visits us a lot and I like to borrow her to train other Aussies as well who have issues with, for example, meeting situations, those situations she is absolutely fantastic. Calm and balanced, if you ask Luna she will say: if we are at work, we are at work :)

 Luna brings lots of joy to her lovely family only 5 minutes from us and it is her forever family.

Luna is our next dog who will bring new fine additions to the breed. I'm really looking forward to that.


Kitepoten Big Suprice Black Shiraz- Frida


Frida was our keeper from the second litter. She is after Kiter and Ivi. A litter that was not planned, but we warmly welcomed all 9. And what a litter it was!

We kept Frida and named her after my very first dog that I got when I was only 6 years old. Frida lives almost next door to us and we are lucky to have such a nice partnership with Frida's home.

Frida has taken puppy courses, basic courses and now she do nose work.

Unfortunately, Frida has hips B/C so she will therefore not be used for breeding.

Health is very important for me. As we have enough individuals and good candidates in this breed to pass genes on so I dont breed on c-hips.

Anyway, she is our neighbor and we will continue to enjoy Frida a lot.


Kitepoten Come'N dance Cava- Raya


Raya is our keeper from our last litter after Fjodor and Ivi. Like the others, Raya has completely captivated us.

Her nice personality and beautiful expression are an excellent combination and she will surely bring many good genes to our breeding program.

I can't wait for this diva to step into the show ring with her attitude.

Raya does a lot of obedience training and she knows a lot of tricks despite her young age.

Linn, is wonderful with her and I am so grateful.

Raya brings lots of joy and happiness to her beautiful little family just 20 minutes from us and her forever family.

If health and behavior continue to be top, then the plan is one litter on Raya.

Females: Females
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